Saturday, November 5, 2011

It all starts here....

I'm starting a new chapter today. Even though the name of this blog will most likely change, I felt the need to get things started. I have been contemplating a blog for some time now. I have been following the online makeup community, (mostly indie mineral makeup companies), and bloggers for the past year. I've learned quite a bit. Not just in makeup application itself, but what makes a successful makeup company, a successful mineral eyeshadow, and unfortunately with that I've come across some appalling companies as well.

My goals for this blog are to take you on my journey with makeup. In all honesty, the last year is the first year where I've worn eyeshadow more than once or twice. I am still learning, and hope to continue to learn and master the skill of makeup artistry. I will share with you amazing indie makeup companies I have found. I will also share some places to stay away from in hopes of saving your eyes, skin and wallet. I will share EOTD (eye of the day) and LOTD (look of the day). I will share swatches of the GORGEOUS shadows I own. Some companies you can't find swatches of, and take a shot in the dark unless you find a swatch! I also hope to do reviews as well!

A quick note about myself: Makeup is an outlet me for me. I wear it to play up my eyes, to make my green but sometimes hazel looking eyes pop, but most importantly I wear makeup to feel better about myself. In April of 2006 I was in a car accident. Most days are spent in a great deal of pain. More than I wish to let on. I don't always find the strength to go out or do things I love, or even things I used to enjoy. What I've found in makeup is, well, its hard to put in words sometimes. Makeup gives me the strength to get my foot out the door. It gives me the boost I need to feel good about myself, when in all reality I am horrible pain (and would much rather lay on the couch). So even when I'm feeling anything but stellar, if I spend a few minutes playing up my eyes, I'm in a much better mood. Its my pick me up. Some people need coffee to get them going, I use makeup for that. I'm finding it harder to  put into words than I anticipated. Just know that if I have blogged in sometime, chances are, my injuries are acting up and I will be back shortly!

I should also mention that a great deal of the products I use or feature on this blog are ones that I spent time researching. I am VERY PARTICULAR about what I put on MY face. I do not use parabens, I do not use a great deal of products that contain particular chemicals. I will be sure to include an ingredient list. You may not see the high end products on here. I don't care how lovely and gorgeous an item is. I will not put my health or skin at risk. Be assured that there are hundreds and probably thousands of options in the indie mineral world that are equally and sometimes even more gorgeous than certain higher end makeup.

I hope you check back and see what's in store. While I will start with makeup, swatches and reviews, this will not be limited to makeup. Be sure to look out for bath products (face washes, lip scrubs, exfoliating washes/scrubs), perfumes, jewelry, children's products, etc. Stay tuned ;)